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CECILIA RIIS KJELDSEN (b. 1987) is a Norwegian artist based in Fredrikstad and works with photography, drawing, collage and video.

Represented by Fineart Gallery, Oslo. Member of FFF.

Kjeldsen mainly works with personal projects and has several group and solo exhibitions behind him. As a photographer, she has several years of experience with projects aimed at music, portraiture and fashion.

She graduated from the Bilder Nordic School of Photography in Oslo in the spring of 2015 with a specialization in narrative storytelling, and has exhibited at Hos Arne, Kösk Galleri, Uncontaminated, Vasli Souza, among others. COLLECTIVE OSLO FASHION ART FESTIVAL, PREUS Museum, K4 gallery, Cyan Gallery and Matca Artspace Romania.

Interpersonal relationships have a central place in her works, and the expression alternates between her own experiences, observation and thoughts about man's place in society and the relationship between them.

Identity, relationships and inner conversations are also a recurring theme in her works, seen through a combination of different techniques and forms of expression. Text, drawing, painting, collage technique and photography help shape the final result; almost in a suspension, which shifts the focus away from the dark and into something where there is room for communication which the audience can later enter.

The aim is to create something universal/recognisable, but also poetic, in what can at first be experienced as very personal. She does not try to come up with explanations, but tries to reproduce a kind of experience of being human.

In the series "I Fear A Man Of Frugal Speech", she photographed her hands over almost a decade in an expression of what she went through psychologically after many years of eating disorders and isolation. Then came Covid and hands became relevant in several ways and together it formed a kind of portrait of the collective isolation and the consequences it can have. The project has been exhibited in Romania, at photo gallery Vasli Souza in Oslo and during the Photo Book Festival in autumn 2020, as well as in the art magazine Uncertain States Scandinavia, the art page Museum of Intimacy and Personael.


2015- 2016  Photo book mentoring program w/Nicholas McLean and Alessandro Calabrese, Oslo, Norway.

2013-2015   Major in Photography, Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Oslo, Norway.

2008-2011   Religion Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

2007-2008   Nordhordaland Folkehøgskole, Humanitarian issues, Bergen, Norway.


Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen, SVA magazine, KK, NoSubstance, Cirkamag, DnB, Fredrikstad kommune, RISS

Litteraturmagasin,The Photographic Journal, Oslo Trend Fashion Week, 55Pluss, Också, KVAV, Motalite

Magazine, Disney Norge, United Influencers, Norsk Folkehjelp, Tibe T, Natt&Dag, Pstereofestivalen, Jack

Magazine, Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Personae, Frogner House Apartments, VG, By:Larm, PiP, Maraton, Ida Waaler, Gambitsky, Oslo kommune

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