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We Can Talk Again Some Other Time

“We can talk again some other time” looks at the emotional distance that can appear within families and it’s repercussions.

Three weeks before my ex-boyfriend, Gergely, and I met he lost his father, Mr. Boros, to a sudden death after years of hardly speaking. When Mr. Boros was a young boy his father left him to never return.
Gergely, was born in Hungary before moving to Sweden, having a father who was rarely present. Always traveling and exploring new caves or mountains he was mainly raised by his mother and grandparents. He would though, and still, think very highly of him.

Mr. Boros left boxes with hundreds of film rolls, plain tickets, notebooks, model car – and airplanes. Hundreds of images from work and travels, of rocks, mountains, caves, some other tourist and friends. Kenya, Nepal, Mongolia, Germany, Romania. His old back pack and shoes, covered in dirt. Lamps to carry into caves. Maps.

In this series, I explore memories and loss through a collection of still life imagery shot by me and archival photographs collected from Mr. Boros that I later crop to emphasis the story through my own interpretation, trying to bring in all the pieces and personalize the unbearable feeling of losing someone before everything´s been said. Using Gergely and his fathers story, I want to explore with objects, symbolism and the unspoken to look closer at the bond between family members and to investigate, on a general basis, how our family relations forms the basis to how we view our selves and the world.
In no narrative order the series show bits and pieces of their life, bringing it all in as one big puzzle that never really seems to finish.

Group exhibited with Uncertain States Scandinavia and published in their newspaper. Published in Lens Culture.

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